This Is Not About Ringtones

Yes, I know that This Is Not About Ringtones, so you may well ask why in a blog that purports to be about ringtones, there should be a post which is not about ringtones.

Well the fact is, I can't think of much to say about ringtones at the moment, and in any case I don't really want to write about anything that needs much thought. Why?

Because this post is really just an experiment. An experiment to see if the nasty machine of Blogger will zap it out, as happened the last time I tried to post on an innocent little blog about online games.

Okay so that post was not original, but so what? There was permission, under the Creative Commons License, so I don't see the problem.

I gave credit, and kept the backlinks alive, as you are supposed to do...

Anyway, this post may not be very interesting, but there is one thing about it that nobody can deny. It is entirely original and unique. I know this because I just made it up!